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I started quilting in college when it occurred to me that I had no domestic skills whatsoever. What I did have, though, was a desire to play with fabric. I asked my grandma to teach me how to quilt over winter break and she was more than happy to do so! We started with nine-patch blocks for which I purchased the smallest amount of fabric I could whenever I found something I really wanted in the quilt. The more I shopped for fabric, though, the more I found fabric I liked!

I lamented my situation to my mother - I only needed small amounts of each print for my scrappy nine patch, but there was so much beautiful fabric in the world - what’s a girl to do??? “Well, that’s why people have a stash.” What? She explained the concept of a fabric stash - buy what you like when you find it and eventually, you’ll find a use for that fabulous fabric you bought and then you’ll be inspired and able to jump right into a new project! Once again, my mom proved herself brilliant and wise. And that is precisely when my stash began to grow.

Only recently did I start using my stash - and I must say, the beauty of the quilt in which many of the fabrics from my stash were used outshines all of my other quilts! It makes me happy just to look at it. And that is when I learned I can’t just have a stash, I have to use it, too!

Some designers - even some brands - of fabric are hard to find in the Midwest and my goal in opening Stashworthy Fabric is to have all of those fabrics in one fabulous little shop!


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